福井 亜実


2014 International Songwriting Competition




2010年に自身のオリジナル曲のみで構成された 1st Album “Urban Clutter” を anturtle analog records よりリリース。同アルバム収録曲の Organic shower は、福岡テレビの人気エンターテイメント番組、「おとななテレビ」のオープニング曲として使用される。その後、2012年6月に小泉P克人(b)、福森康(ds)とで Amizm を結成。

翌年2013年5月に 2nd Album “Amizm” をリリース。リリース後、九州ツアーを敢行。

同年、Jazz Page の2013年ジャズマンオブザイヤーでは5位の好成績をおさめ、翌年2014年には、オリジナル曲「Lion’s Empire」が 2014 International Songwriting Competition のジャズ部門でHonorable Mention を受賞した。

2016年7月6日に、3rd アルバムをリリース。

Born on December 20th, 1982 in Tokyo, Japan.

Ami began playing Electone at the age of 4. From the age of 6, she enrolled in a specialized Junior course at YAMAHA where she studied music composition and arrangement while learning classical piano from Yoshinao Okayama.

While studying at Futaba Gakuen from elementary to high school, Ami is struck by Oscar Peterson’s performance and pursues her fascination with jazz. At the age of 17, she begins studying under Yuki Arimasa.

She starts participating in sessions and performs at live houses as a student at Senzoku Music University. At the same time, she devotes her time into composing and performing with her own trio.

In 2010, she releases her 1st album “Urban Clutter” with anturtle analog records, a CD comprised of only original songs. Organic Shower of the same album was used for the opening of a popular TV show in Fukuoka. Soon after, she sets up Amizm with Katuhito P. Koizumi(b) and Yasushi Fukumori(ds).

In May of 2013, releases her second album “Amizm” and tours around Kyushu.

That same year, she ranks 5th in Jazz Page’s Jazzman of the year. And the following year is awarded an Honorable Mention in the Jazz category for the International Songwriting Competition for her original song “Lion’s Empire”.

On July 6, 2016, she releases her third album